Workshop Subject : Practical approaches for unlocking supplier development and localisation economic opportunities

In recent years it has become more apparent that many industries face the challenge of meeting different levels of Supplier Development and Localisation, as is often required by public authorities and state governed companies when participating in public procurement tenders or for securing regulated licences and permits. Localisation is an essential policy tool for industrial development and is viewed by regulators as a key instrument for assisting in growing economies and their local extractive and manufacturing sectors.

On the surface, supply chain localisation seems simple, but it is far from easy. In fact, its requirements and practices are often incongruous with progressive procurement and supply chain trends resulting in greater centralisation of efforts and management.

Gary Joseph

Facilitated by:
Gary Joseph

Moreover, without the right structure and design - not to mention technology - the Supplier Development and Localisation efforts can overwhelm procurement professionals who are tasked with oversight of local procurement and related supplier management efforts.

So what enablers can procurement and supply chain organizations turn to as they move toward localization given this context? By attending this workshop you will learn how to assess your company's state of readiness to drive local procurement; identify the business drivers that will make local procurement a strategic business tool, be equipped with the right tools and guidelines and how to design and implement a successful local procurement programme leveraging those tools, templates and guidelines along the way.

Facilitated by Gary Joseph, CEO of SASDC

Gary Joseph is CEO of the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC). He joined the National Business Initiative (NBI) as Director: Corporations & Linkages in October 2009. Within this role, he overall responsible for the Corporations and Linkages component of South African International Business Linkages (SAIBL), a USAID-funded enhanced business linkage programme, implemented as a partnership between the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), ECIAfrica Consulting and the NBI. One of the core deliverables of Corporations and Linkages component of SAIBL is the establishment and operationalising of the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC).

Gary holds a Bachelor of Science, a Higher Diploma in Education, as well as, a Post-graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management from the University of Cape Town.